Are you looking for flexible, cost effective training that develops your employees, leaders & managers?

Leadership & Management trainingThen you are in the right place. We know that like most businesses, you recognise and appreciate the value of training and want to develop your staff. But you find it difficult to do so in these tough times when you are relying on minimum manpower levels and restrictions on budgets.

You may also have concerns about:

  • Identifying the type of training that is required
  • the disruption to shift patterns
  • Indirect costs of training, such as time away from the workplace
  • direct costs of training, such as the course cost, and associated travel costs
  • transfer of training to the workplace
  • numbers of employees needing the training does not make it cost effective

Our on-site employee development, leadership & management training is a flexible training option, that is designed specifically to address the issues that organisations face in todays world. In the boxes below we give a brief overview of how we achieve this:

Concern – types of training needed

Concern – Disruption to shift Patterns

Concern – Indirect costs of Training

Concern – Direct costs of Training

Concern – Transfer of Training

Concern – To Few trainees to be viable

What is the process?

Thank you for visiting! If you would like to speak in person, just give us a call on 0121 457 8988 and we can discuss the issue(s) causing concern.